RIM’s BlackBerry Outage is Getting Worse, Not Better

By  |  Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at 1:00 pm

The BlackBerry e-mail outage that has been impacting parts of Europe and the Middle East for days has now crept into the U.S. Here’s Ina Fried’s report on a conference call RIM held to (sort of) explain what’s going on.

I’m not an expert on e-mail back-end architecture, and it’s possible that BlackBerry’s overall uptime remains excellent. But these sweeping outages¬†have happened before. Isn’t it a major problem for RIM customers who run their own BlackBerry servers that they’re still so dependent on things working properly up in Canada?

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  1. person287 Says:

    Blackberry is in a pretty bad financial state, so if they go bust, what happens to your phones? Yep, pretty much useless (be honest, that's the only reason that somebody would buy a BlackBerry over iPhone/Android/etc). Think about that…