Cius Sees Light

By  |  Friday, April 15, 2011 at 2:16 am

When Cisco announced its business-oriented Cius tablet last June, it looked like one of the more interesting upcoming tablets. It’s had a low profile since, at least compared to RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook. But now Cisco says it’s beginning to ship Ciuses to customers.


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  1. Arnum Says:

    I haven't seen either of these devices personally. I did watch the 2 videos at PC World though. Both these devices are aimed at the corporate market, rather than the consumer. Neither stack up to the iPad2 from what I can tell. The only defining difference for the Rimm device is that it works seemlessly with a Blackberry phone.
    The other point that will make or break the success of tese deevices is their price.

  2. Katy Wheeling Says:

    This is a good news. Such move of Cisco is a good action for the company.