YouTube Upload Limit Bumped to 15 Minutes

By  |  Thursday, July 29, 2010 at 4:09 pm

User-made YouTube videos have been limited to 10 minutes almost since the beginning, but now YouTube is ready to give people 15 minutes per video instead.

YouTube says its Content ID system makes the extra five minutes possible. With all major movie studios and music labels using Content ID to sniff out copyrighted material, and the technology improved enough, YouTube can afford to relax the upload limit, which was introduced to keep pirated television shows and movies off the site. Content partners, such as CBS, have always been able to upload longer videos, including full-length television shows and feature films.

The contrarian in me wants to lament the boosted upload limit. There’s something to be said for concision, and users might lose some editorial discipline with an extra five minutes to spare. But overall I’m happy to see YouTube raise the limit to 15 minutes. The number of videos that will benefit from the extra time — video game walkthroughs, homespun sitcoms, how-to videos and otherwise fascinating raw footage — probably outweigh the ones that would wear our their welcome.

Now, I’m just wondering two things: When will the upload limit increase again, and why not extend it to 20 minutes right now? Product Manager Joshua Siegel didn’t give the most satisfying answer on YouTube’s blog, saying only that the site will do everything it can to release incremental improvements in the future. Maybe the content partners aren’t totally comfortable with user-made videos that match the length of a commercial-free television show, or perhaps YouTube fears the bandwidth demands a 20-minute limit may bring.

Whatever the case, it’s a good sign that YouTube’s moving beyond the upload limit it put in place four years ago. Any bets on when YouTube will allow two-hour feature films from its users?



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  1. evologynow Says:

    I'm sure that will happen soon enough. Now that they've upgraded to 15 minutes I'm sure they will start raising the limit at pretty common increments.

  2. Gues99999 Says:

    Here's a three hour video. I'm not sure where this ten of fifteen minute limit comes in, but iv'e seen plenty of longer videos from nobodies:

  3. JaredNewman Says:

    The poster of that video explains in the comments:

    "And to answer your question about the video being over the time limit: I have a Director account from 2006, meaning I don't have a time limit. It's no longer´╗┐ possible to get this privilege without becoming a YouTube Partner."

  4. Brian Says:

    what is the file size limit for partners?