USB Chargeable Batteries?

By  |  Tuesday, July 20, 2010 at 11:07 am

These days you can seemingly get just about anything that operates off your USB port, from USB-powered coffee warmers to — well, this is a family site so we’ll stop there. Anyways, Moixa’s USBCell batteries are one of those items: they’re AA batteries which charge off of an available USB port on your computer.

At first glance, these batteries look like any other, just with neon green caps. But that cap pops off, revealing a USB plug which is inserted into the port on your computer. Charging takes a little bit of time — about five hours or so, and usable time is a little less than what you’d find in typical rechargable batteries, probably because of the smaller capacity.

(USBCells have a 1300mAh capacity — whereas these Nickel Metal Hydride batteries from RadioShack have a 2500mAh capacity. Obviously the latter batteries are going to last twice as long.)

Interesting concept though, and I’d think probably good for those emergency situations when you need some extra battery power. The batteries come in a pack of two and retail for about $15.

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