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Webcast With 37signals' Jason Fried

Brief reminder: Jason Fried of influential Web company 37signals is getting interviewed in a Webcast tomorrow at 11am PT–and I’ll be watching and tweeting some thoughts. If you have any questions for him, let us know right here.

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John Battelle Webcast This Afternoon

Quick reminder: This afternoon, I’m guest-tweeting a Webcast with John Battelle. It’s at 4pm ET/1PM PT, and you can watch it (and tweet it yourself if you like) right here. (Full disclosure: It’s sponsored by HP.)

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Wisdom of Crowds Webcast

Here’s the video replay of the interview with James Surowiecki, author of The Wisdom of Crowds, which I guest-tweeted last week. (The replay version even includes all the tweets folks made commenting on the interview.) Thought-provoking stuff if you’re interested in how tapping the smarts of large groups of people can be a surer strategy for success than relying on the judgment of a handful of experts…

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Join Me for a Webcast on Wednesday

Once again, I’ve been asked to be a guest Tweeter at a Webcast. This one’s an interview with James Surowiecki–author of the excellent book The Wisdom of Crowds–and the subject is “Powering Crowdsourcing: Technology’s Role in the New Way of Working.” It’s been held this Wednesday at 1pm ET. You can get more information, watch the Webcast (either live or in playback form), and Tweet it yourself here.

Hope to see some of you there! Here, incidentally, are the first three Webcasts from the series, all of which I watched and provided color commentary for:

Chris Anderson, editor, Wired
George Halvorson, CEO, Kaiser Permanente
Richard Florida, author, Rise of the Creative Class

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Technologizer Around the Web

When I started Technologizer, I thought it would be a place…and it is, of course. But it turns out to be a place that has outposts all over the Internet, often at sites that are a lot bigger than this one. Here are two current examples.

First, I’m going to be watching another Webcast and guest-tweeting as I do so. This one’s a conversation with Richard Florida, the author of The Rise of the Creative Class. It’s at 2pm ET this Monday, December 14th. Here’s where you get more information or just show up at that time to participate. (All visitors can tweet the interview directly from the site, if they’re so inclined, and some tweets will be picked to show up right alongside the talk while it’s in progress.)

Second, I’ve written another guest post for BingTweets. As usual, the general theme is the future of search, and this time I wrote about how much I’d like to see search impact TV just as much as it has the Web. The post’s called “The Search for Something to Watch.”

If you like Technologizer, I hope you’ll check out these extracurricular activities.

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Hey, I’m Chiming in at Another Webcast

Back in September, I was asked to watch a Webcast with Wired’s Chris Anderson and tweet my thoughts as I took it in. I had fun, so I was happy when I was asked to serve as a greek chorus for another Webcast hosted by HP. This one’s an interview with George Halvorson, CEO of health insurance megacompany Kaiser Permanente, and it’ll cover technology’s role in reforming health care in this country. (Timely, no?)

The Webcast is this Wednesday November 18th starting at 2:30pm ET; you can find it here. Stop by if you have a chance–it’ll feature tweets selected from everyone in the audience, and you’ll be able to submit questions for Halvorson via Twitter…

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A Webcast on Disruptive Technology

Shameless self-promotion: This Wednesday (that’s September 30th) at 3pm PT, Wired‘s Chris Anderson will be conducting a videocast (aka a “Thoughtcast”) on how disruptive technology is changing business. As author of The Long Tail and Free, the guy knows what he’s talking about.

The Web cast will be held at HP’s Input|Output site, and I’ll be watching and–here’s the sef-promotional part–tweeting my thoughts as part of the event’s official Twitter stream.

If you’d like to check out the event, head here. Hope to see you there…

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