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I’m at Web 2.0 Summit

For much of the next three days, I’ll be attending the Web 2.0 Summit here in San Francisco. It’s always one of the year’s best conferences: This year’s guest list includes everyone from Sean Parker to Steve Ballmer. I’ll report on interesting tidbits I glean, but you can watch the whole conference yourself as a free livestream.

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Alas, Poor Yang! Alas, Poor Yahoo!

boohooI’m attending the Web 2.0 Summit conference here in San Francisco this week. We may be in the middle of a downturn, but you couldn’t tell it from the number of bodies (most of who paid around $4000 for a ticket) on the floor here: The event is a crowded success, with a standing-room only ballroom full of attendees and two overflow rooms. (Of course, conferences may be a lagging indicator of the tech industry’s health–most of these folks probably bought their tickets months ago, when the economy still had a pulse.)

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