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Sony to Unveil a Touchscreen Walkman?

sonylogo[UPDATE: In the first version of this post I assumed this was a phone–as a commenter points out, that’s not part of the rumor. Post amended to reflect that…]

Sony Insider is reporting that Sony will use CES as the launchpad for the first touchscreen Walkman. It says that “trusted inside sources” have told it that the device will have a widescreen OLED display, 16GB or 32GB of memory, Wi-Fi, a Web browser, and YouTube integration, among other features. Oh, and an FM radio.

There’s nothing in this description that sounds particularly fanciful, but neither is there anything about the Sony Insider report that rings especially true. Especially since the “product shot” included with the story looks like someone whipped it up in Photoshop in a few minutes:
I can do Photoshop as well as the next gossipmonger, and therefore have fashioned Technologizer’s own official mockup of what Sony’s device may look like–not a photograph, but an incredible simulation:

Sony Phone