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The Flintstones: Fifty Years of Irresponsible Driving

Last night, I expressed concern that Google’s celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of The Flintstones appeared to involve a grisly scene with Bamm Bamm’s severed head stored on the roof of Fred’s car. My post has inspired some comments, including the suggestion that Bamm Bamm is alive and well and merely riding up there, as well as a “grassy knoll” theory.

The topic clearly merited additional research. My friend Andrew Leal found a number of relevant images–check ’em out after the jump.

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Bamm Bamm Beheaded

I’m all for Google celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of The Flintstones on its homepage. But why the heck are they storing Bamm Bamm’s severed head on the roof of the car–and what explains Barney and Betty’s cheerful obliviousness to what seems to be a tragic situation? (Thanks to Andrew Leal for breaking the sad news to me.)