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Hey, I’m on a Podcast

I’m tickled to report that my friend David Spark recently interviewed me for his Be the Voice blog and podcast, and has posted the results here. I talked with David about my experience launching Technologizer and trying to ramp it up quickly, and share some of my trade secrets about creating Web content that gets read and enjoyed.

I began blogging in earnest on Technologizer six weeks ago. As David mentions, the site has gone from having no traffic whatsoever to being read by thousands of folks every day. I’m proud and pleased–but more than that, I’m grateful to everyone who reads the site, and in particular to those who take the time to leve comments and/or join the Technologizer Community. Thanks for helping to make Technologizer a success–and please stick around. I have more stuff in the works for this site which I think you’ll like…

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Bloggers Needed

When folks ask me about how Technologizer is doing, I say that it’s doing very nicely indeed–but it’s still in soft-launch mode. That means that we’ll be rolling out a number features that haven’t yet appeared–and one of those features will be contributions from folks other than me.

Those contributors will be freelancers, not staffers, and the work is not going to be huge in terms of either volume or pay. I’m particularly interesting in finding a person or two on the east coast, simply because the one downside of doing this from the Bay Area is that most of the country is awake and doing newsworthy things before we get up out here.

If you know and love personal technology, are extremely well-informed about news, have a smart take on things and know how to express it in the form of blog posts, and are interested in contributing to Technologizer, I’m interested in hearing from you. Drop me a line using my contact form. I can’t promise anything…but I will respond to everyone who I hear from.

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Shameless Plug: Technologizer Community

One of the key things I’m trying to do here at Technologizer is create a place for smart folks who like to share opinions and advice about personal technology. Which is why I built the Technologizer Community on Ning. It’s home to social networking features such as forums, groups, and profiles; you can check it out without registering, but if you choose to join, it’s quick and painless.

My post on Microsoft’s Windows Vista apology/defense struck enough of a chord that it’s the most-read item in Technologizer’s short life. So I’ve created a forum thread in the community for further discussion of Vista. If you’ve got an opinion, I hope you’ll weigh in…

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Hello Again!

During the past few weeks since I announced this Web site, I’ve been delighted by the response. But whenever anybody’s asked me when it was launching–and boy, have a lot of folks done so–I’ve been vague and shifty. “Soon,” I’ve said. “Soon.” And then I’ve tried to change the subject.

Let the evasiveness end. I’m ready to begin posting on Technologizer, and will be doing so just about every day. And I hope you’ll hang out here with me.

I’m happy to report that I’m publishing Technologizer on the wonderful WordPress blogging platform. And like a bunch of bloggers I admire, from Om Malik to Curt Schilling, I’ve asked Automattic, the company behind WordPress, to host my site. (Automattic also hosts blogs for The New York Times, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and others.) Special thanks to Automattic’s Lloyd Budd, who did much heavy lifting to ready Technologizer for prime time from a technical standpoint.

I want this site to be as much a conversation as a soapbox, and much of the conversation will go on in the Technologizer Community I’ve set up on Ning. Thanks to Ning, a service I not only use but enthusiastically admire and endorse on multiple levels, Technologizer will let members participate in forum discussions and groups, publish profiles, connect with friends with shared tech interests, post photos and videos, and a lot more. Signing up is painless, and I hope you’ll do so if you don’t have a Ning ID already–more than sixty people are in the community as I write this.

That’s it for now. See you shortly, and thanks for being here.


My Declaration of Independence

Introducing Technologizer: A Smarter Take on Tech.

My name is Harry McCracken. I’m the founder of Technologizer. We haven’t officially launched yet, but I’m glad you found us.

Technologizer will cover the fun, fascinating, and sometimes frustrating world of personal technology–from the Web to digital entertainment to both PCs and Macs. My goal is to create a site that’s always forthright, always opinionated, and always entertaining. Whenever possible, we’ll put products through their paces in hands-on tests before we write about them. And I want all the folks who visit the site to have the opportunity to share their opinions and expertise, too.

I feel like my whole life has led to this project. I’ve been an avid user of personal computers and related stuff for almost as long as there have been “personal computers.” For almost fourteen years, I was a journalist at PC World, the planet’s largest computing magazine and one of its biggest tech sites. I worked with amazing colleagues, helped PCW win a bunch of awards, and ended up as editor in chief. And in general, I had a ball. But in May, 2008 I resigned to try my hand at building something from scratch. Technologizer will be that something.

Technologizer will be an independent site, owned and operated by me. (If you don’t like it, you’ll know who to blame.) But I’m extremely pleased to say that I’m starting it in partnership with the smart people at Federated Media. FM will be handling ad sales for the site and providing other forms of help on the business side–just as they do for a bunch of the biggest blogs on the Web, including several of my favorites.

The site will launch…well, I’m saying later this summer, but it won’t be very long. And I may blog a bit on this preview site a bit before the full-blown Technologizer site goes live.

Meanwhile, here’s some shameless self promotion for me. And if you want to reach me for some reason, you can do so here.

See you soon!

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