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Get Read: The Cardinal Rules of E-Mail

Steve Bass's TechBiteWant me to ignore your e-mail? Can do. Just leave the subject line blank, stick your entire message into one, long, 300-word sentence, or use cutesy, curlicued fonts I can’t decipher. Oh, yeah, make sure you use a lavender background and neon green type.

Get ready, I have dozens of ways for you to make sure your e-mail is read.

I’m providing these tips as a public service. Ah, heck, that’s not true. The topic’s entirely for me. I’m persnickety about e-mail because I go nuts trying to plow through the 50 or so e-mails I get each day from TechBite subscribers. Too many are loaded with things that make my head hurt and my eyes water.

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Welcome Steve Bass

Steve Bass's TechBiteDuring my almost fourteen years as an editor at PC World, there was no question who our most popular writer was. It was Steve Bass, who was associated with PCW for even longer than I was. As the author of a well-read column, newsletter, and blog, as well as lots of feature articles, Steve was sort of the fearless leader of a sizable army of loyal, outspoken fans. He created a community long before anyone talked about online communities, and when readers told us what they liked about PCW, it was often, essentially, “reviews, news, tips…and Steve Bass.”

Like me, Steve is still a contributing editor for PC World, but is now focusing most of his energies on his own startup gig. In his case that’s TechBite, a newsletter and site that are all Steve, all the time. I’m delighted to announce that Steve has agreed to let us borrow some of his material. It’ll appear on Technologizer in the form of blog posts, but if you want to make sure you get a full weekly dose of Bass, head over to TechBite and sign up for his newsletter, which comes out on Wednesdays.

It’s great to be associated with Steve again–and I know you’ll enjoy his contributions, whether you’re an old fan or will be encountering him for the first time.