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Your Chance at Free Tech Support From Florence Henderson!

Florence HendersnOn Monday, I blogged about the FloH Club, a new service providing phone-based tech support to non-geeky senior citizens on topics ranging from figuring out Facebook to troubleshooting sick PCs. Its biggest distinguishing characteristic: Its spokesperson is beloved Brady matriarch Florence Henderson.

If you’re reading this, you’re almost definitely not part of the FloH Club’s target market–but you might know somebody who is. And the club has offered to give a certificate good for three months of complimentary service to a member of the Technologizer community. (If you win, you can give it to anyone you like.)

Entering’s easy: Just send an e-mail to contest@technologizer.com with “FloH Club” in the subject line, and do it by 12pm noon PDT on Monday, October 19th. We’ll randomly draw a name from everyone who enters and alert the winner by Tuesday, October 20th.

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A Lovely Lady Inexplicably Does Tech Support

Floh ClubWatch out, Geek Squad: Florence Henderson, who I still associate with an era before personal computers existed–and with Wessonality–is gunning for you. The woman better known as Brady Bunch matriarch Carol Brady is launching the FloH Club, a new tech support service aimed at senior citizens. For $250 a year, $25 a month, or $50 per incident, the FloH Club team promises to help members use services such as IM, Facebook, and e-mail; set up iPods and home networks; troubleshoot PC problems; go shopping online, and more.

Florence is blogging and will formally announce the service on tomorrow’s Today Show, but says she’s only recently discovered Facebook, and the FloH Club reports that she plans to tackle Twitter next. I assume the support is being provided by young folks. (Actually, it seems to be provided by venerable third-party support firm Support.com.)

As far as I know, Henderson is the second Brady to play high-tech entrepreneur: Christopher Knight, who played middle son Peter, has founded several computer-related companies and seems to have done quite well with them.

I’m not yet a senior citizen, but this news sort of makes me feel like one, given that I’m distinctly of the generation that grew up watching The Brady Bunch and therefore presumably part of the service’s target market.

Obligatory joke: The first rule of FloH Club is, you don’t talk about FloH Club…