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Fugitive’s Foolish Facebook Statuses Gets Him Caught

Mark Victor Burgos up as one of the world’s most stupid fugitives. The 29-year-old apparently found it amusing to taunt law enforcement over his Facebook page, even going as far as to say in a post “Catch me if you can, I’m in Brooklyn.” Well, guess where cops found him.

Burgos, a Brooklyn resident, was wanted by the Utica, N.Y. Police for questioning surrounding charges of domestic violence and harassment against an ex-girlfriend. Seemingly thinking he could play games with the police over Facebook, he posted a series of taunts, even going as far as posting a video of him walking into what is believed to be an NYPD police station.

Police say that Burgos’ Facebook page was open when they finally tracked him down to an apartment in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. U.S. Marshals and representatives of the NYPD made the arrest, and was transferred back upstate to face a judge on the charges Tuesday.

No word on what Burgos has plead or if Facebook assisted in tracking him down, but he did delete his taunts before police busted through his door — probably realizing they could be used as evidence against him. Probably the smartest thing he did in this whole mess, don’t you think?


Google+’s Circles: Popular!

A lot of us early Google+ users have spent a lot of time wondering whether Circles–the social network’s feature for limiting your sharing to a subset of your friends–is as killer a feature as Google seems to think it is. Maybe so. Over at All Things Digital, Liz Gannes takes note of an intriguing factoid: two-thirds of Google+ updates are private, not public.


Google+: Celebrities Wanted

I liked Twitter most in its relatively early days–when people were popular there because they were interesting, not because they were rock musicians, movie stars, or law-breaking socialites. So I’m not thrilled to hear rumors that Google+ plans to go out of its way to attract the rich and famous.


Google+ App Hits the iPhone

Google+ had an Android app from day one, but the iPhone version was temporarily stuck in Apple approval limbo. Now it’s on the App Store. (I haven’t tried it yet, but am looking forward to it–I’m not that crazy about the mobile browser-based version of the service.)


Bloggingheads.tv: Let’s Talk About Google+

I had fun this morning recording a Bloggingheads.tv discussion about the techverse’s hottest topic of the moment, Google+.  My conversation partner was Slate’s Farhad Manjoo–and here we are. (Farhad’s a bit more of a Google+ skeptic than I am–but both of us see both promise and pitfalls in the service.)

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.1000185&w=425&h=350&fv=diavlogid%3D37502%26file%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fbloggingheads.tv%2Fdiavlogs%2Fliveplayer-playlist-ramon%2F37502%2F00%3A00%2F42%3A20%26config%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fstatic.bloggingheads.tv%2Framon%2F_live%2Ffiles%2Foffsite_config.xml%26topics%3Dfalse]

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Katango: Your Facebook Friends, Grouped Automatically

When Google+ arrived at the end of June, it made a splash in part based on its defining notion: you have different kinds of friends and don’t want to share everything with all of them all of the time. This week a new iPhone group-messaging app called Katangoo is debuting. And its defining feature–which it came up with a long time before Google+ went public–is that people have different kinds of friends and dont want to share everything with all of them all of the time.

Katango’s distinctive feature is that it uses artificial intelligence to analyze all your Facebook friends, identify common attributes, and then automatically sort them into groups of people with something in common. The more friends you have, the more time this approach might save compared to you trying to organize them by hand.

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Google Apps Users Can’t Use Google+

I love Google Apps. I like Google+. I’ll be happy when they work together–and when, in fact, it’s possible to bop between a Google Apps Google Account and a standard one without a fair amount of hassle.


Facebook Event: Join Me!

Just a reminder: I’ll be at Facebook HQ on Wednesday morning at 10am PT and will liveblog its event at technologizer.com/facebookevent. According to TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington, the news–part of it, at least–involves Skype video chat integrated into Facebook.

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