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5Words for May 14th, 2009

5wordsWow, two USB drive items:

Ars Technica reviews USB drives.

A USB drive for backups.

Switching to Gmail made easy.

512GB SSD notebook from Toshiba.

Vodafone banishes international roaming charges.

Destroying Microsoft Office: surprisingly difficult.

AT&T bans (and emulates) SlingPlayer.

More e-readers to choose from.

Is Gmail having spam problems?

Sony loses a billion bucks.

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5Words for April 16th, 2009

5wordsGreetings to you from Malta…

Please, Apple, approve iPhone SlingPlayer.

TwitPic glitches frustrate, alarm users.

Should Apple fear Zune? Maybe.

Windows Mobile Zune? Also maybe.

Acer’s ultraslim, fairly cheap notebook.

Digg bows to DiggBar critics.

Non-Apple Mini DisplayPort monitors.

Hands on: Verizon’s Hub 2.

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