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Scribd’s New Social Dashboard for Reading

Reading, writing, and publishing is morphing like crazy thanks to the Web’s evolution along with social media innovations such as news feeds, “likes” and sharing.  Word that an iPad-only newspaper from Apple and News Corp. is on its way further amplifies just how much things are changing for digital content. But perhaps an even more transformative development, albeit lesser noticed, is already here. Scribd Stats, which quietly began rolling out last week, is an analytics tool– a social dashboard–built specifically for reading.

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Scribd: Goodbye Flash, Hello HTML5 (and Google Docs)

Jared Friedman, cofounder and CTO of Scribd–the site that lets anyone upload almost any document and publish it to the Web–was among the last keynote speakers at the Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco today. And he had big news (teased yesterday on TechCrunch): Scribd is dumping Flash and converting the millions of documents it hosts to HTML5.

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Scribd Goes Mobile

Scribd–the site that lets anyone publish, share, and embed documents of all sorts–is making its way from the browser onto phones and e-readers. The company is launching a feature today that lets you transmit Scribd documents you’re reading online to portable devices with a few clicks. It’s handy and very, very simple.

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