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Yurbuds' Ironman Headphones are Great. If You Don't Do Anything Athletic

David Spark (@dspark) is a veteran tech journalist and the founder of Spark Media Solutions.  Spark blogs regularly at Spark Minute. Read his recent article 16 Annoying Communications that Must End in 2011.

I go through earphones like crazy. I abuse them. I yank the cables by accident, I sit on the ear buds, I step on them. I’ve broken so many earphones that I purposely never spend that much on them. I usually can find decent ones for about $20.

Yurbuds Ironman SeriesAt the ShowStoppers event at CES I saw a new set from Yurbuds from their Ironman Series (retail $49.99). To promote the headphones’ athletic usage, Yurbuds had two Ironman athletes in their booth.

In addition to promoting them for athletic usage, Yurbuds advertises its headphones as soft, comfortable, and guaranteed to not fall out. I’m in agreement with two out of three. They are soft and they won’t fall out, but they’re not hugely comfortable. In fact, they’re kind of painful. After having them in for just an hour, my ears  became rather sore. Were my ears working out?

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