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Windows 7’s Early Arrival

Puget SystemsOctober 22nd may be Windows 7’s official arrival date, but at least one manufacturer plans to not only be ready for it but ahead of schedule. Custom PC manufacturer Puget Systems says it’ll begin shipping Windows 7 machines on October 13th, nine days before so many of us will be holding festive Windows 7 launch parties. Sounds like anyone who springs for fast shipping could have a PC on his or her desktop around a week before the OS’s formal debut.

I can’t remember how firm the release dates for Windows upgrades past have been, but if Puget has permission to do this, you gotta think it most likely isn’t the only company who plans to ship early. I guess operating systems aren’t like hot books whose publishers do their very best to prevent any sellers from jumping the gun.

I continue to believe that it’s not only rational but arguably the most sensible plan of action to wait a few weeks before buying Windows 7 or a Windows 7 PC, just so any showstopping technical problems get fixed before they bedevil you. But I wonder how many folks will decide to buy a Puget PC to get a nine-day head start on even other early adopters?

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