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Sprint to Undercut Itself With $50 Boost Unlimited Plan

I don’t know but this seems just a bit odd to me. Sprint Nextel owned prepay company Boost Mobile is set to offer a $50 monthly plan which would give its users unlimited voice, text, data, and “chirp” (walkie-talkie for us less hip) beginning on January 22.

Unlike other prepay companies, who offer unlimited plans on a regional basis, Boost’s will be nationwide wherever the company offers service. Indeed, its promotional material highlights this important distinction.

There’s kind of a problem here though. Sprint has its own unlimited plan, which costs $99 per month. That gives the user unlimited data, text, and voice calling, but no walkie-talkie. So really, Sprint’s just taken the unusual step of competing with itself for whatever reason — and we all know they’re not exactly raking in the profits right now.

Indeed, the company is marketing as a way to directly compete with the bigger cellular companies, where offering these unlimited plans has become the in vogue thing to do. It also markets it as a way to get away from all the fees that our celluar providers are so fond of charging.

While I am thrilled to see Boost offering what is a really exceptional deal, I’m a little confused as to why they’d undercut themselves so much. I do have an hunch however that this might just be followed by an announcement by Sprint that they’re lowering the price of their unlimited plans as well.

Let the price wars begin. God knows we all need to save some money in this economy…