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In Sign of Ping Flop, Apple Pleas for Users

Apple’s trying to get the word out about Ping, the iTunes-based social network that launched in September.

The outreach, according to Boy Genius Report, entails an e-mail blast to Apple customers. “Ping already has millions of users — including 2,000 artists — and is growing fast,” the note says. “Fast” is relative, of course, and the “millions” could include people like myself, who tried Ping once and promptly forgot about it. BGR notes that Apple doesn’t often send e-mails to remind users about successful products.

There are a lot of reasons I don’t use Ping, but the e-mail points to the social network’s biggest problem: It’s isolated from the rest of the world.

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Ping-Pong: Facebook, iTunes Still Talking

Kara Swisher reports that Facebook blocked Apple from accessing its API after the Cupertino company failed to reach an agreement with the social networking service over Ping, and then proceeded to attempt to use the APIs anyway. Facebook allows free access to its APIs unless its a potential drain on resources. iTunes has 160 million plus potential Pingers — obviously no small change. There is a chance Facebook integration could still happen: Kara’s sources say the two companies are still talking.

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