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Notion Ink Swears the Adam Tablet is Real, and Priced

In a nice addendum to Harry’s definitive iPad alternative guide, Notion Ink is divulging price and launch details about its Adam Android tablet, as if to suggest it’s not vaporware.

There’s still a fair amount of throat-clearing in a blog post by Rohan Shravan, Notion Ink’s founder and chief executive, but the bottom line is that the Adam will supposedly cost between $399 and $498, depending on whether you want 3G coverage and the PixelQi screen that can switch to an outdoor-friendly reflective mode. Slashgear’s inside source gets more specific: $399 for Wi-Fi and an LCD screen, $449 for 3G and LCD, or Wi-Fi and PixelQi, and $498 for 3G and PixelQi. Shravan says he’s aiming for FCC certification in November.

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