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First With Add-Ons? A Fennec Fact-Check

The mobile version of Firefox, codenamed Fennec, was released in alpha today for Android 2.0-plus phones and Nokia’s N900.

Announcing the alpha, Mozilla’s Stuart Parmenter says that Fennec is “the first mobile browser to offer add-ons.” Oh really? Android’s Dolphin Browser HD, which launched in May, already offers add-ons, so let’s dig into this claim little bit.

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Firefox Arrives on Android

Are you a browser junkie with a phone running Android 2.0 or above? Mozilla has released a “pre-alpha” Android version of Fennec, the mobile version of Firefox.

When they say it’s pre-alpha, they’re not being self-effacing–it’s pretty rough. On my Droid, at least, I couldn’t even get the on-screen keyboard to pop up. But it’s in decent enough shape to whet the appetite. And it’ll be great if the browser race on Android is anywhere near as exuberantly competitive as it is on Windows and OS X. (I’m already a part-time user of Opera Mini for Android.)

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