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They’re Not Phones Anymore

Old PhoneMusing about Motorola’s announcement of MotoBlur and the Cliq yesterday, ZDNet’s Sam Diaz says that the telephone is no longer the dominant feature in today’s smartphones:

Call these devices smartphones if you’d like – but increasingly, the phone part of the device is just another feature, another widget on the home page.

He’s right, of course. The transformation of phones into pocket computers began with the arrival of devices such as the earliest Treos, and is now complete. These things are pocket computers that can make phone calls. Calling them “phones” is a little like calling a PC a “word processor.”

Sam goes on to wonder whether we need to come up with a new name. He brings up “handheld,” but says it doesn’t feel quite right. Me, I’ve been advocating for awhile now that smartphones are PCs, and that they day isn’t long off when everybody will think of them as such, But I’m not arguing that we should start calling them PCs (which could stand for either personal computer or personal communicator). At least not yet. For now, I’m comfortable calling my phone a…phone.

Here’s a quick T-Poll–and if you have any nominations for new names for phones, leave ’em in the comments.


Motorola Announces Android Social Networking Aggregator and Phone


I’m at Gigaom’s Mobilize conference in San Francisco, where Motorola’s Mobile Devices CEO Sanjay Jha just announced an Android-based application, Motoblur, and the company’s first Android phone, the Cliq. He spent most of his time demoing Motoblur, which is a social-networking aggregation interface designed to weave Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, e-mail, and other services into one world. It’s got status updates that can span as many services as you want; widgets capturing content from your friends; a unified address book; hooks into other services such as maps; and more. It’s a hard service to judge from a demo–there’s a lot going on, and a lot of functionality delivered via varying user interfaces. But it’s ambitious and fancy, at least–and unlike anything Apple has built into the iPhone (but at least vaguely reminiscent of the social integration in Palm’s Pre).

Blur will be available on the Cliq, but also on other devices–apparently including another phone to be announced shortly.

Jha didn’t really give a thorough introduction to the Cliq, which will be available for the holidays from T-Mobile. (Yup, another Android phone that’s a T-Mobile exclusive.) Like T-Mobile’s G1, it’s got both a large touchscreen and a landscape-mode sliding keyboard; it also has a five-megapixel camera.

Everyone knows that Motorola needs to take a giant leap forward to be part of the future of smartphones. Unlike Palm’s showstopper of a Pre launch at CES, all Motorola’s unveiling did today is to whet the appetite. But that’s a start.

Here’s a fuzzy photo–more details to come.

Motorola Cliq