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The World’s Smallest Set-Top Box

Last Gadget Standing Nominee: BnCom TeraVue DTV STB Interactive Tuner

Price: $199

Availability: Q1 2011

How small is this portable TV tuner?  Imagine this.  It’s smaller than a credit card and it’s a complete set top box tuner designed for the up and coming Mobile DTV, ATSC-MH technology.  The system is designed to be installed on the roof of your car or in the rear for the ultimate automotive entertainment. The system is also a natural for use  as in-vehicle TV entertainment system via over the air TV broadcasting services for use in taxis, limos, buses, and even the subway.  The unit receives ATSC-MH signals from broadcasters and streams the content via RCA to an  LCD display.  It is operated by a simple remote control to control channels, volume, and various other settings. BnCom says it’ll be available in the first quarter of 2011.

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Survey Says: AT&T Mulls Time-Shifted TV for iPhone 3G


Technologizer has learned that AT&T is considering marketing a device that would connect to the iPhone 3G which would offer the capability to watch time-shifted television programming. It is not immediately clear whether this may be some type of port of the Mobile TV offering based on Qualcomm’s MediaFLO technology that AT&T already provides in select areas, or something completely new.

According to what we’re hearing, the device would be about 1.5 inches long and about 1/4″ thick. It is not clear how the mobile TV add-on would connect to the iPhone 3G, although it seems it would connect to the port at the bottom of the device (although it might possibly connect via some type of wireless connection).

I think this latter possibility seems less likely–most add-on accessories connect directly to the device so that just makes more sense to me, and I’d venture to guess that’s how it would work.

So, what’s giving this scoop a little more credibility? It’s because AT&T itself is sending out a survey on customer satisfaction to select iPhone 3G purchasers. Along with the standard “how do you like your iPhone” questions, there is a section that asks about mobile TV. (See image below.)

The carrier is specifically interested in hearing what a user would pay for the mobile TV device itself, as well as the monthly service. According to the survey, the feature would offer about 12-15 channels. That’s about what the current Mobile TV feature offers.

We’ll update this as we hear more.


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