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First Take: MacBook Air

Those wanting something shiny and new as far as the MacBook Air goes will be somewhat disappointed. Not too much changed with Apple’s thinnest notebook, but the enhancements should please those who may have been waiting on the sidelines.

Like the MacBook Pro, the updated Air gets the NVidia treatment, although it would only include the 9400M integrated graphics chip. A hard drive that is twice the size of the previous model (120GB) is included, and users would be able to now ask for an 128GB SSD drive.

Mini DisplayPort capability is also now included.

The design of the Air would not change either, keeping the same construction. I’m not sure why the new Air is not using the new manufacturing process: Apple to my knowledge did not explain why — maybe Harry may have found out more, or could give some more details.

I think the biggest thing here is the 128GB SSD. This finally makes the HDD-less version useful, and by keeping it at the same price as the 64GB option, it has become that much of a better deal.

Specs below the fold that we haven’t already discussed.

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