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Samsung and LG Bicker Over Lie-Down 3D, Miss the Point

The Wall Street Journal brings us an amusing story about the battle between LG and Samsung over 3D TV standards. Although the heart of the debate — whether active shutter systems are superior to polarized displays, or vice versa — is perfectly legitimate, the two companies are busy having a silly argument about whether you can watch 3D TV while lying down.

LG started it. A company advertisement in Korean reads, “Finally, you will have a comfortable way to watch 3-D.” But Samsung says this isn’t possible without inducing dizziness and nausea. LG says lying sideways merely diminishes the 3D effect. The Journal steps in and says the 3D effect nearly disappears when viewing a polarized display horizontally, but with active shutter glasses the picture goes completely black.

Missing from the debate is one key point: Why would you want to watch 3D TV lying down in the first place?

I understand that, for a lot of people, lying down in front of the tube is the natural way of things. But 3D TV isn’t natural. It tricks your brain and creates a 3D illusion that’s best-viewed in short sittings — say, the length of a movie. Put another way, 3D TV is an event. It’s meant for action movies and sports, not sitcoms and the nightly news. If you’re lying down to watch Avatar’s alien beasts pop out of the screen, you’re doing it wrong.


Apple's iPad, LG and the Tablet Creation Myth

You needn’t look far to find criticism of Apple’s iPad as a device for consumption, not creation.

The latest volley comes from Chang Ma, vice president of marketing for LG’s mobile device unit, who hyped LG’s upcoming Android tablet as a productivity tool. Paraphrasing Ma, the Wall Street Journal says he likes the iPad, but doesn’t do much work on it, and that’s where the LG tablet will stand apart.

I call bull. While Ma is right that the iPad flounders with creativity in some areas — but not others — the iPad’s limitations are often inherent to its form. But don’t take my word for it. Let’s look at some other “iPad consumption vs. creation” arguments and consider whether another tablet could do better.

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Introducing Technologizer’s T-List

New Technologizer feature! Starting this very moment, I’ll round up five items a day, give my take, and refer you to discussion elsewhere. They may be the day’s biggest stories. Or not. List starts after the jump…
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