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Kyocera Echo: It’s a Phone! It’s a Tablet! It’s a Phablet!

I’m still scratching my head about the Kyocera Echo I just saw here at CTIA in Orlando. It’s a dual-touchscreen Android 2.2 smartphone with a patent-pending hinge that allows you to line the displays up side-by-side, so that it looks sort of like a square-ish tablet with a black line across the middle:

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One Phone, Two Screens (and Two Batteries)

At a New York event today, Sprint unveiled the Kyocera Echo, an Android smartphone (3G, not 4G) with two screens that can do their thing separately or as one big display. Sounds a tad gimmicky–and if you’re worried about the battery life, you may find the fact that it comes with a spare battery either encouraging or discouraging.

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