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iTag: Finder of Lost Phones

iTag, which launched here at CTIA today, is a little like LoJack for lost or stolen Android phones. Or, to make a more relevant comparison, it’s a rough equivalent of Apple’s Find My iPhone, with a dash of location-based social networking tossed in for good measure –a service that can help you locate your phone or, if it seems to be gone forever, make sure that nobody else can get at your private data.

Among its features:

  • The ability to make your phone ring–even if its ringer is turned off–which is handy if you’ve simply misplaced the handset somewhere around the house;
  • A feature which detects if someone has inserted a different SIM card in the phone and then alerts you of that fact;
  • The ability to remotely lock the phone and delete data from it;
  • Over-the-air backup and restore of your contacts;
  • Simple location features that let you send your location via SMS to a contact, or request that someone send his or her location to you.
  • A feature (which you can disable) that alerts you when you’re near friends who are also running iTag.

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