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Google TV: It's Official

Google’s I|O conference includes two–count ’em , two keynotes–and the company definitely saves the sexier stuff for day #2. This morning, we saw a long preview of the next version of Android, version 2.2 “Froyo,” plus some beyond-Froyo features. And then we got an equally lengthy preview of Google TV. Most of the rumors about it were true: It combines TiVo-like navigation and search with Web access, supports Flash, runs Android with third-party apps and a marketplace, and is built around a special Intel Atom CPU. Sony will be making TVs and Blu-Ray players based on it; Logitech will have a standalone box and accessories.

More thoughts on both Froyo and Google TV soon–for now, a few fuzzy photos of the Google TV interface after the jump.

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More on Google TV

VideoNuze has what is says are more details on Google TV. This is probably a gross simplification, but they make it sound a little like a next-generation TiVo, except with more Web-related features–and without the DVR part.

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