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Fox News Decries Video Games With Eco-Friendly Messages

I should know better than to get riled up by Fox News’ coverage of video games. The network has an awful reputation for sounding the alarm on anything remotely controversial, always with the refrain of how parents should be very, very afraid.

But this time, I can’t resist.

In a recent segment that appeared on Fox & Friends, T.J. McCormack, a conservative talk radio host, decries video games with eco-friendly messages. (The focus is mainly on Sim City Societies, a four year-old title that encourages players to develop green energy sources like wind power and soy farms.) Host Clayton Morris, meanwhile, wonders whether some video games are a form of “liberal fear-mongering” and “indoctrination.”

It’s a maddening television segment for a long list of reasons…

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Harry Elsewhere on the Web This Week

I’m in chilly New York rather than rainy San Francisco right now. And while I’m here, I’m guesting on two Web video broadcasts you might want to catch:

* At 1pm ET on Thursday, I’ll talk about collaborative tools–their potential and pitfalls–on a BusinessWeek Webcast. You can sign up for it here.

* At 3pm ET on Friday, I”ll join Fox News’s Clayton Morris as one of the guests on his Gadgets and Games show, part of FoxNews.com’s Strategy Room.

Two very different topics–but I plan to have fun discussing both of ’em…

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