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Eye-Fi Rolls Out Direct Mode and a New Card

Eye-Fi, the folks who make the unique SD cards with built-in Wi-Fi, are just about ready to launch the most interesting improvement they’ve made since they unveiled their first cards. Previewed in January at CES, it’s called Direct Mode, and it will let you transfer photos from a camera with an Eye-Fi card directly and wirelessly to an iPhone (or other iOS device) or an Android phone or tablet–where you can then upload them to the Web using Eye-Fi’s  apps or use them with any phone app that involves photos, such as Instagram, Path, Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter.

If, like me, you do much of your photography these days with a phone but aren’t crazy about the results, this is potentially a more exciting application of Eye-Fi’s technology than its original features, which require that you be within range of an available Wi-Fi network to get photos off your camera and onto the Internet.

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Eye-Fi Adds Video Support to Its Cards

Eye-Fi CardThese little memory cards are the sole reason why when I upgrade my digital camera, I’m going to made sure its SD compatible (My current one’s a Fuji, so it takes XD cards). Eye-Fi has now added video support to these cards, as well as upgrading them to SDHC technology.

Two new cards would join the lineup, the $79 Share Video and the $99 Explore Video. The Share model would upload videos to any of 20 sites automatically, while the Explore version adds geotagging, much like the original two models did.

Eye-Fi will keep its 2GB Eye-Fi Home and Share cars , which would drop to $49 and $59 respectively. These are only capable of transferring pictures, with the Home only to your home computer and not any sharing sites. The Explore version would be discontinued.

I think this is a great move for a company that has a unique product. With online video now becoming so popular, having a way to automatically upload your videos just makes good sense.

All the new cards are available today, and can be purchased from Eye-Fi’s website.

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