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TechBite: CES Finds, a Personal Radar Gun, Epson’s All-in-One, and a Better Download Manager

CES: Winners and Losers

I spent three days at the not-as-big-as-before Consumer Electronics Show. I ignored the behemoth booths — Microsoft, Panasonic, Casio — and focused on the smaller, more interesting companies along the edge of the exhibit floor. I spotted some innovative products:

  • A smartphone app that turns off e-mail and texting features if the speed of your vehicle exceeds five miles per hour.
  • Lexmark’s multifunction printer that has something very appealing: Lexmark ink cartridges for under $5.
  • Fashionable 3D eyeglasses for when you can afford a 3D plasma screen.
  • Something to bring your electronic gadget back to life if you drop it in water.
  • A video camera the size of a flash drive with two hours of recording time.

I have lots more, including a report on Terk’s Hi-Def internal and external antennas and a new-style rechargeable battery. Below is my first blurb about a portable radar device; more next week.
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