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Apple Gift Card Report

And…we have a winner! Frequent Technologizer commenter MikeCerm entered our Apple Music Event Predictions Survey and won the random drawing for the $100 Apple gift card. Congrats to Mike and thanks to all who participated.

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Last Call for Apple Predictions

Five hours left to guess what Apple will announce tomorrow in our traditional experiment in crowdsourced prognostication (and get a shot at a $100 Apple Store gift card). Take your best shot here.

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Make Apple Predictions, Get a Shot at a $100 Apple Gift Card

Apple is holding its traditional September music event this Wednesday at 10am PT. As is my wont, I’m going to avoid making any predictions by asking you to do so. Click here to take our quick survey. I’ll aggregate everyone’s best guesses and turn them into shared predictions from the Technologizer community. (I’ll publish them before the event so you can score at home, and again after the event so we can reflect on how we did–your track record when we’ve done this in the past is not bad at all.)

When you take the survey, you can choose to enter a drawing for a $100 gift card from the U.S. Apple Store. The survey and gift card giveaway end at 2pm PT on Tuesday, August 31st. We’ll notify a winner by September 2nd.

Have fun and good luck!

[NOTE: Please take the survey rather than leaving comments on this post. Thanks!]


Roku Developer Content: The Deadline Nears

Quick reminder: Along with LeVar Burton, Michael Endelman, Jim Louderback, Anthony Wood, and Dave Zatz, I’m a guest judge for Roku’s developer contest. The company is going to give away $35,000 in prizes for channels created for its Internet entertainment box–categories include video, audio, photo, screensaver (which I’m judging), social media, and founder’s choice. The deadline for entries is September 6th.

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Win a 500GB Seagate Hard Drive

Today’s the last chance to get a shot at one of the five Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Pro hard drives we’re giving away. Here’s how to enter.

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Win a 500GB External Hard Drive

Our Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Pro giveway continues–go here to enter.


Your Chance at a 500GB Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Drive

On Tuesday evening in San Francisco, we threw a party we called SpringThing at a cool art gallery called 12 Gallagher Lane. Our cohost/sponsor was Seagate, which gave demos of its just-announced line of FreeAgent GoFlex external hard drives. The folks in the photo above (by Ken Yeung) all look so attentive because they’re watching the giveaway drawing we did for five GoFlex drives. We can’t recreate the whole nifty SpringThing experience online, but here’s the next best thing: we’re replicate the giveaway drawing.

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Get an Early Halo: Reach Beta Code

[UPDATE: We’re closing the contest–thanks to everyone who entered! We’ll notify winners soon.]

Want early access to the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta? Courtesy of Microsoft, we’ve got seven codes to give away. These will let you start playing on Thursday, April 29, so you won’t have to wait until May 3 and you won’t need a copy of last year’s Halo 3: ODST. As long as you can download the beta over Xbox Live, you’re good to go.

Here’s what you need to do for a chance at one of the codes:

  • Comment on this blog post with your thoughts about Halo: Reach. Use your valid e-mail address (it won’t be displayed, but we’ll need it to contact the winners).
  • You can alsot Tweet your answer to Harry (who’s @harrymccracken), if it fits in 140 characters including the @harrymccracken.
  • We’ll select people at random and deliver the code on April 29 by e-mail or direct message, so you must follow Harry on Twitter or use a valid e-mail address.

A brief primer on Halo: Reach’s multiplayer: The fundamentals of cat-and-mouse first-person shooting are the same as they’ve always been, but the developers at Bungie added new weapons and tweaked old ones, gave special armor powers that players can choose at the start of match, and created new modes (Ars Technica’s preview has a solid guide to what’s new). The beta allows people to get excited for the game while letting Bungie make adjustments based on how people play in the real world.

Good luck to those who enter. If you don’t win, you can still access the beta on May 3 with a copy of Halo 3: ODST. Either way, you’ll find me playing the beta on Xbox Live as ThePimpOfSound. I’ll destroy you all.


Livescribe App Contest

Livescribe, creators of the Pulse smartpen, opened an app store for third-party software back in November–and now it’s holding a contest to reward the coolest programs. I’m a judge, but anyone who’s interested can vote. You don’t need to have a Pulse pen–there are video demos of all entries–but you do need to hurry, since voting closes tomorrow…

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Envision Apple’s Tablet, Get a Shot at a $100 Apple Gift Card

With less than a week to go until Apple (probably) tells all about its tablet, time is rapidly running out to discuss it without really knowing what the heck we’re talking about. So while you still can, please participate in Technologizer’s Apple Tablet Prediction Project. Just spend a few minutes answering multiple choice questions about what you think Apple is geting ready to announce. We’ll tally up the responses into an aggregate prediction, and compare it to the real thing next week–assuming it shows up. And we’ll choose a name at random from the entries and award that person a $100 Apple Store (U.S.) gift card.

We were originally going to wrap things up at 5pm PT today, but what the heck–let’s leave the survey open until 5pm PT tomorrow. Please enter, tell your pals, and have fun!

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