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Microsoft’s Fashion Statement

gatesmugIn a move that somehow seems simultaneously inevitable and unnecessary, Microsoft has released a line of T-shirts–which, of course, it’s calling Softwear. They feature 1980s-era graphics with the old-school Microsoft logo which nobody has given any thought to in the past 15 years, were designed in collaboration with rapper Common, and show up in stores on December 15th. (No word yet on whether Microsoft will patch ’em for you if they’re discovered to have any holes.)  In celebration of this milestone for American casualwear, we’ve assembled a slideshow of the shirts.

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Microsoft’s Latest Innovation…T-Shirts!

Softwear by Microsoft

A billion people may use Microsoft products, but until now, just about nobody has worn them. All that changes–maybe–starting December 15th, when the company’s retro-themed Softwear by Microsoft T-shirts hit the market. Including some designs by rapper Common, the line celebrates the much-missed era when floppy disks were actually floppy and 640KB did indeed feel like all the memory anybody would ever need. Here’s a little fashion show of the initial shirts, which come in four sizes: Basic, Home, Business, and Ultimate. (Kidding!)