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An iPad Smart Cover Made Out Of…Wood

I was intrigued by the debut of the iPad 2 Smart Cover, Apple’s solution for the bulk of problems that traditional cases cause. Well it was only a matter of time before another company would attempt to mimic what Apple designers have done here, and the first company to do so is Holland-based Miniot.

The company is known for its wooden cases for the iPhone and iPod. Its next target is the iPad 2. The cover is made out of a single piece of wood, and operates much the same as Apple’s Smart Cover does, acting as both a screen protector and stand. Magnets hold the case to the tablet perfectly just like Apple’s does. However, instead of folding, the Miniot Cover rolls much like a wooden blind would.

Here’s a video from the company describing its case:

Surprisingly enough, you won’t pay any more for this case than you would for Apple’s leather version: it is set to sell shortly through the company beginning at 50 euros ($69 USD). The company says that it will be available in several different types of wood, however it hasn’t specified which types.

If I wasn’t so in love with the orange Smart Cover, I probably would have picked one of these up for my iPad 2 when I finally get it next month.


Kensington's KeyFolio Adds Keyboard to iPad

Accessory maker Kensington has debuted the KeyFolio, essentially an iPad case with an integrated Bluetooth keyboard. The $99 accessory is slated to debut by the end of the October, the company told me.

The KeyFolio offers some handy features, such as iPad-specific keys to access functions (such as home, etc.) and a stand that allows you to use your device much like a laptop. The battery within the keyboard itself must be charged; Kensington says it would last through about 90 hours of use before needing another charge.

It’s not too heavy–it only adds another pound or so to the overall weight. The keyboard is a tad small, think of it as close to netbook size- a bit larger maybe, but still comfortable to type on.

If you’re worried about the keys scratching the screen itself, don’t. This is because the keyboard itself is rubberized — a good feature too just in case you spill that cup of coffee on it early in the morning.