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Neat: New Yorker Cover Painted on iPhone

CV1_TNY_06_01_09.inddWhen you look at this week’s New Yorker cover, you may initially think it was a watercolor. But it’s not — its done digitally, and on top of that, on the iPhone no less.

Artist Jorge Columbo created the New York street scene on a program called Brushes. It is a petite 1.9MB art application available through the App Store.

He stood on 42nd Street creating the scene in about an hour, according to the New York Times.

According to Columbo, he purchased the app after getting his iPhone to keep himself “entertained.” Well, it seems he’s done more than that now that one of his digital works is now gracing one of the country’s most notable arts and entertainment magazines.

Columbo also captured the process of creating the artwork through a special feature within Brushes, which shows his methodical process of creating the scene layer by layer.

(You can see the video at the New Yorker website.)

This cover art will not be the last of the artist’s iPhone artwork. The magazine said it would host a new creation from Columbo each week on its website.