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Samsung Hedges its Bets with Netflix Streaming

As I have pointed out in the past, streaming is probably the single biggest threat to Blu-ray overall. Well, it looks as if Samsung — the company thats already given the format just five years to live — is acknowledging that and trying to stay one step ahead of the curve by adding streaming capabilities to two of its players. This appears to be part of a bigger strategy by Netflix to get its software on more Blu-ray devices.

CEO Reed Hastings does acknowledge that the format’s install base is still extremely small, but expressed confidence in its earnings call earlier in the week that adoption would pick up. Either way, it is definitely a good move for either company.

Netflix gains another partner for its streaming service, which already includes Microsoft and the Xbox 360, LG, and Roku, which markets the Netflix set-top box. Blu-ray gains a partner which adds functionality to its players, making them more attractive to consumers.

Obviously, this does nothing to address the price issue of players, which is the single biggest obstacle for most. However, at the same time, it certainly adds more value to the player. This could help justify the high up-front cost for some.

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Could the Bad Economy Kill Blu-ray?

After Blu-ray finally finished off HD DVD shortly after CES 2008, analysts rightfully asked whether the format could survive the wounds the format war had inflicted on it. While these concerns certainly were warranted, for awhile it had appeared Blu-ray could weather the storm.

That now may not be the case — and this time, it may be no fault of Sony. With the overall economy beginning to sour and technology going with it, Blu-ray’s moment in the sun may be over sooner than we think.

Simply put, all indications are that consumers will close their pocketbooks for the forseeable future. No one has confidence in this economy: consumer indicators are falling, which likely equals to more budget conscious shoppers who will not be as eager to drop large amounts of money for higher ticket items.

Bad news, Blu-ray fans.

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Introducing Technologizer’s T-List

New Technologizer feature! Starting this very moment, I’ll round up five items a day, give my take, and refer you to discussion elsewhere. They may be the day’s biggest stories. Or not. List starts after the jump…
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