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Ask.com Lives!

In my new Technologizer column for TIME.com, I write about Google alternatives, including Bing and Blekko. I also say I’m sorry there aren’t more of them: Among both big longtime Google rivals and startups, there seems to be a widespread assumption that Google has the search-engine market locked up and investing in core search-engine technology is therefore pointless.

One of those big longtime Google rivals is Ask.com, which announced last week that it’s going to cease work on its own search engine, use one provided by an unnamed third party, and focus on its Q&A service. Yesterday, I met up with Ask CEO Doug Leeds here at the Web 2.0 Summit conference in San Francisco, and we talked a bit about the company’s change in focus.

Leeds, first of all, said that he was sorry that it didn’t make sense for Ask to continue to build its own search engine from scratch. He pointed out, accurately, that Ask had a history of doing inventive stuff that later showed up in in its larger competitors. (Parts of this 2007 Ask redesign look like a blueprint for Google and Bing in 2010.) He said that made it tough for a smaller site such as Ask to compete based on pure innovation, and factored into the company’s decision to outsource search.

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Blekko, an Interesting First Draft of a New Way to Search the Web

Blekko, a new search engine, opened up to the public today in beta form. Um, a new search engine as in something that intends to compete with Google, the Web’s most deeply-entrenched service? Yup. Unlike certain other past entrants, though, this one’s ambitions–to get at least a sliver of the search business, not to crush Google–aren’t wildly implausible. And even though it could stand more refinement–I found some of its results impressive but others downright disappointing–it brings a new and potentially powerful idea to the table.

That new idea is the slashtag, a keyword you append to the end of a search query to limit results to a predefined list of sites. Many of Blekko’s slashtags Slashtags help you search authoritative sites on a given topic, such as American history. Others are meant to skew results in a particular direction–for example, glenn beck /liberal, glenn beck /conservative, and glenn beck/humor get you radically different results.

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