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T-Grid: BlackBerry PlayBook vs. the iPad

Hey, it’s been a long time since we’ve done a T-Grid–a very simple comparison chart comparing two at least vaguely comparable products spec-by-spec. Let’s do one on RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook and the iPad, shall we?

The point of a T-Grid is never to determine which product is better; it’s just to see how the specs stack up. From what we know so far, the PlayBook’s specs stack up rather well–it’s powerful, thin, and light, and has a robust OS in the venerable (if low-profile) QNX. But there are a few speeds and feeds that RIM hasn’t disclosed yet, and one particularly crucial fact remains unknown: How’s the battery life?

After the jump, the details we know so far.

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With Kindle App, Amazon Buys the Blackberry PlayBook Hype

Amazon is picking winners and losers in smartphones and tablets, and it’s already deemed the Blackberry PlayBook a winner by promising a Kindle app.

The news of Kindle for Blackberry PlayBook landed within hours of Research in Motion’s big tablet reveal, as Harry just noted, even though the PlayBook won’t arrive until early next year. Amazon says the upcoming Kindle app supports the mantra of “Buy Once, Read Everywhere.”

But as I look over the list of platforms Amazon already supports — iOS, Android, Blackberry, Mac, PC — I think that mantra needs tweaking. With no support for WebOS, no promises of support for Windows Phone 7, and native e-reading duties on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab going to Kobo, let me propose a new slogan for Amazon’s Kindle platform: “Buy Once, Read On the Devices We Believe In.”

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RIM Reveals the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet. It Looks Spectacular–So Far

It’s always dangerous to judge a new tech product from a demo. It’s even more dangerous to judge one from a canned video and a features list. But here at BlackBerry DevCon in San Francisco, RIM just showed a video of its BlackPad tablet–which turns out to be called the BlackBerry PlayBook, and which the company is calling “the first professional tablet”–and revealed some of the key specs. And from what we know so far, it looks mighty cool–like “this is the most interesting-sounding iPad rival so far” cool.

Here’s the video we just saw:

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