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Technologizer Around the Web

When I started Technologizer, I thought it would be a place…and it is, of course. But it turns out to be a place that has outposts all over the Internet, often at sites that are a lot bigger than this one. Here are two current examples.

First, I’m going to be watching another Webcast and guest-tweeting as I do so. This one’s a conversation with Richard Florida, the author of The Rise of the Creative Class. It’s at 2pm ET this Monday, December 14th. Here’s where¬†you get more information or just show up at that time to participate. (All visitors can tweet the interview directly from the site, if they’re so inclined, and some tweets will be picked to show up right alongside the talk while it’s in progress.)

Second, I’ve written another guest post for BingTweets. As usual, the general theme is the future of search, and this time I wrote about how much I’d like to see search impact TV just as much as it has the Web. The post’s called “The Search for Something to Watch.”

If you like Technologizer, I hope you’ll check out these extracurricular activities.

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The Joy of Random Information

Microfilm ReaderI recently reacquainted myself with a gadget that was once one of my primary forms of data retrieval (a microfilm reader) in a place I don’t spend nearly enough time at (my local public library). The experience left me both grateful for the breadth and the precision of Web search–and a little nostalgic for the pleasant randomness inherent in microfilm in specific and libraries in general.

In my latest guest post over at BingTweets, I muse on the value of stumbling upon interesting stuff by accident in a post I called “The Search for Serendipity.” I’m not arguing for the return of microfilm. But I do feel like I’m a more well-informed person than I might have been if I’d never whir-whirred my way through untold reels of old newspapers back when I was in college and the Web didn’t yet exist…

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