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5Words for May 8th, 2009

5wordsSaw Star Trek, expected Tribbles…

An EeePC that’s a tablet.

Nokia preps giant app store.

How to research: copy Wikipedia!

Blu-Ray sales up 72 percent.

I’ve pointed cameras at TVs.

Big Sony e-reader in works?

Stardates for your Google Calendar.

SugarSync adds a free version.

Hulu tiptoes towards international expansion.

Hey, my HDTV’s a Vizio.


5Words for May 7th, 2009

5wordsI’m moving to southeast England!

Really fast Internet in England.

Your own personal Wi-Fi hotspot.

Yet another OS for netbooks.

Anonymous? You can’t watch Hulu.

Indian hacker’s Facebook-compromising tool.

Windows 7 requires no RAM.

WiGig: Short-range gigabit wireless.

Windows 7: no speed demon?

An aluminum EeePC: pretty swanky!

The Senate vs. Google News.

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5Words for May 4th, 2009

5wordsNever assume RIM is toast:

BlackBerry Curve outells the iPhone.

Two trends conspiring against Microsoft.

11.6″ EeePC on its way.

Navigon exits North American market.

“Houdini’s” a great phone name.

MySpace formulates its turnaround strategy.

Myst for iPhone: It’s humongous!

WiiMotion Plus on sale.

The White House gets social.

The world’s lamest cell phones.

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