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Webcast With 37signals' Jason Fried

Brief reminder: Jason Fried of influential Web company 37signals is getting interviewed in a Webcast tomorrow at 11am PT–and I’ll be watching and tweeting some thoughts. If you have any questions for him, let us know right here.

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Got Any Questions for Jason Fried of 37signals?

37signals–the creator of Basecamp, Highrise, and other popular workgroup services that work in your browser–has long been one of the most influential companies in the whole world of Web-based productivity. Cofounder Jason Fried is being interviewed in a free Webcast this Thursday, July 22nd at 11am PT. I’ve been invited to watch the interview and guest-tweet some thoughts as I do. (If you take in the Webcast yourself, you can tweet it from the video player yourself, and your tweets will be shared with the rest of the audience.)

Click here to go to the Webcast site and learn more about Jason Fried and the event.

If you have any questions for Fried–who’s full of strong opinions about Web design and modern business in general–leave a comment on this post. We’ll collect ’em for the Webcast Thanks!

(Full disclosure: The interview with Jason Fried is sponsored by HP and is hosted on one of its sites. The Twitter hashtag for the event is #hpio.)