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TechReads for July 3, 2014

The mysterious woman who keeps Twitter safe. (Kashmir Hill/Forbes)

Who knew that Twitter and Dateline NBC had something in common?

Amazon’s Fire Phone is a mobile-shopping experiment. (Michael Mace/Mobile Opportunity)

Mace blogs only sporadically. But when he does, he often has the best take on a subject.

Technologizer TechReadsMicrosoft is doing a fitness band, too. (Paul Thurrott/SuperSite for Windows)

Will it debut before or after the wearable from you-know-who?

Facebook Messenger comes to the iPad (Josh Constine/TechCrunch)

Probably just me, but I prefer my Facebook messaging to be part of the main app, not an “unbundled” experience.

Love books? Root for Amazon. (Mathew Ingram/GigaOm)

The big publishers aren’t lovable underdogs.

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TechReads for July 2, 2014

Technologizer TechReadsSheryl Sandberg apologizes for Facebook psychological study. (Jared Newman/TIME)

Sort of. Well, not really.

The optimist’s view of Facebook’s study. (Farhad Manjoo/NYTimes)

Maybe it can help curb abuse on social networks.

We may be maxing out on the number of mobile app we use. (Sarah Perez/TechCrunch)

A study says the average is 26.8.

Apple signs up more auto makers for CarPlay. (Ina Fried/Re/code)

Some of which are also supporting Google’s Android Auto.

Samsung to end plasma TV production. (David Katzmaier/Cnet)

A once-futuristic technology is now officially obsolete.

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TechReads for July 1, 2014

Technologizer TechReadsApple is hiring voice recognition experts. (Robert McMillan/Wired)

The Walkman turns 35. (Matt Peckham/TIME)

Back in the day, I couldn’t afford one. I think I had an Aiwa.

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TechReads for June 30, 2014

Technologizer Reach ReadsPsychological study no biggie, says Facebook. (Kasmir Hill, Forbes)

Seems obvious that the company is going to have to come up with a much better response to this kerfuffle.

Google is finally shutting down Orkut. (Paulo Golgher/Google)

The social network which had a shot at being Facebook before Facebook was Facebook.

Windows “Threshold” preview due this fall. (Mary Jo Foley/ZDNet)

I still can’t believe that Microsoft got rid of the Start menu, or that it’s only now restoring it.

How software will cure information overload. (James Fallows/The Atlantic)

Every time Jim Fallows or anyone else raves about Lotus’s legendary, long-defunct Agenda information manager, I want to try it.

Google using crowdsourcing to improve Google Voice transcription accuracy. (Mariella Moon/Engadget)

I’m relieved to hear any evidence at all that the company isn’t planning to abandon Google Voice.

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TechReads for June 27, 2014

Technologizer Reach ReadsOpera Mini for iOS gets an update. (Joseph Keller/iMore)

Whatever happened to the Facebook Phone? (Mike Isaac/NYTimes)

Apple ends development of Aperture. (Matthew Panzarino/TechCrunch)

Want to try Android L? Emulate it. (Kevin C. Tofel/GigaOm)

“OK Google” voice control comes to all Android phones. (Kif Leswing/GigaOm)

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TechReads for June 26, 2014

Technologizer Reach ReadsLarry Page and Sundar Pichai talk Google I/O news. (Farhad Manjoo/New York Times)

Where were Glass and Google+? (Matthew Panzarino/TechCrunch)

Hands on with the Moto 360 smartwatch. (Pete Pachal/Mashable)

More smart-home stuff to come from Apple? (Mark Gurman/9to5Mac)

Fly app lets you shoot video with four iPhones at once. (Ellis Hamburger/The Verge)

How the Supreme Court got the Aereo case wrong. (Mark McKenna/Slate)

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TechReads for June 23, 2014

Technologizer Reach ReadsTim Cook is doing a smart job of prepping Apple for its next big thing. (Dan Frommer/Quartz)

Felix Dennis, founder of MacUser and many other computer magazines–and an amazing character–has died. (David Hepworth/The Guardian)

Surface Pro 3 teardown. (iFixit)

Quirky spins off Wink, an OS for the smart home. (Steve Lohr, NYTimes)

Previewing Google’s IO conference, which starts on Wednesday. (Darrell Etherington/TechCrunch)

300,000 systems are still vulnerable to the Heartbleed vulnerability. (Robert Graham/Errata Security)

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TechReads for June 20, 2014

Surface Pro 3 manual alludes to Surface Mini. (Brad Linder/Lilliputing)

More rumors about the iWatch. (Eva Dou & Lorraine Luk/WSJ)

Google spills more Android Wear beans. (Lauren Goode/Re/code)

Amazon is using DRM to hold Hachette hostage. (Cory Doctorow/The Guardian)

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TechReads for June 19, 2014

T-Mobile’s unlimited music streaming is anti-Net Neutrality. (Chris Ziegler/The Verge)

The Fire Phone misses the cheap-but-good opportunity. (Farhad Manjoo/NY Times)

BlackBerry bounces back, at least a little. (Charlie Osborne/ZDNet)

The iPhone kill switch is foiling thieves. (Matt Brian/Engadget)

Do online ads work? Who knows? (Jordan Weissmann/Slate)

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