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Phone Case That Doubles as a Wallet Could Have Unintended Benefit

[A note from Harry: We’re delighted to welcome CBS News’s Larry Magid as a Technologizer contributor–we’ll be borrowing occasional posts from his Larry’s World site.]

When a PR guy pitched me on the Callet, a $19.99 smartphone case that can also store your driver’s license and credit cards, my first reaction was to pass on it. It struck me as a solution in search of a problem.  I actually prefer having my wallet separate from my phone so if I’m missing my phone, at least I might have a chance of finding my wallet.

But that got me thinking about an actual benefit to the product.  If my wallet and phone were one in the same, I could find my wallet by calling it from another phone.  Of course, I’d still have to remember to charge the phone so I could hear it ring or buzz, but at least there’d be a chance of finding it.

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