On Thursday, January 19th, Apple will hold an event in New York. It’s saying it relates to education; everyone is assuming that digital textbooks for the iPad are involved. We’ll be there, and will provide live coverage right here at technologizer.com/appleeducation, starting at 10am ET. We’d be honored if you’d join us–and if you enter your e-mail address below, you’ll get a reminder when the event kicks off.


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  1. @kawika Says:

    Cute chalkboard graphic, but the year is off by one. Looking forward to your coverage regardless.

  2. richard Says:

    We'll be logging in! look out for a nifty use of the iCloud to share notes and the model to allow the teacher to buy and enable access to groups of students for limited periods.

  3. Exec Says:

    Cool stuff but, doesn't address the problem. If lack of such an item were the problem, we wouldn't have had an excellent EDU system in the past. Basic logic.

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