Everybody’s been expecting Amazon to announce an Android-based tablet for eons. With any luck, we can stop expecting on Wednesday, September 28th at 10am ET, when the company holds a press event in New York City. We’ll be there and will liveblog the news–join us, and you’ll hear it as fast as we do. (If you need a reminder, sign up below and we’ll ping you when coverage begins.)


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  1. Mark Says:

    Lets hope theyv'e got it right. A really succesful andriod tablet could completely open up the windows/Mac home market. And if they can ever find a way to open the system up enough for enterprises MS's crown could start to wobble.

  2. Guest Says:

    Okay, its 10:02 and nothing from you…are you live blogging or not?

  3. tamnakub Says:

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