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Is Kodak Smartly Exiting a Dying Business?

I’m part of the problem: I never owned a Kodak digital camera. In fact, I’m not sure if I ever owned a Kodak camera–not counting disposable ones–period. Still, my instinct upon hearing that Kodak is going to stop making digital cameras (along with video cameras and digital picture frames) was to take the loss personally. […]

The Timeless Genius of Kodak’s George Eastman

  Over at the Atlantic, Alexis Madrigal has an exceptionally good post with an exceptionally good title: “The Triumph of Kodakery.” Inspired by the sad news that Eastman Kodak may be on the verge of bankruptcy, he points out that the dream the company was built on–making photography so effortless that it’s everywhere, and enjoyed […]

Hey Judge, Don’t Take My Kodachrome Away

It seems almost unthinkable, but it very well could happen: the Wall Street Journal reports Wednesday that Kodak is teetering dangerously close to the edge of financial ruin, with bankruptcy a real possibility if it cannot sell of a chunk of its patent portfolio in short order. Above and beyond that, it appears the company needs […]

The Top 25 Technologizer Stories of 2011

2011, as you may have noticed, is finally over. And what a year it was in tech. The news just kept on coming, and while some of it was sad (the passing of Steve Jobs), alarming (the PlayStation Network break-in), or just plain weird (Qwikster!), it was never tedious. Technologizer has never set out to […]

2011: The Year in Tech Nostalgia

Here at Technologizer, our primary beat is obvious: It’s what’s new and what’s next in personal technology. But we have a rewarding secondary topic, too. It’s what’s old–sometimes very old–in tech. Throughout the year, we look at personal-technology products of the past, sometimes on major anniversaries and sometimes just because we feel like it. Many […]

Technologizer Wins an Award

I’m reporting in from New York City and am delighted to report that when I return home to San Francisco this evening, I’ll be toting an award with me. At yesterday’s MIN Editorial & Design Awards ceremony, “Polaroid’s S-70: The Art and Science of the Nearly Impossible,” an article I wrote in June, won for […]

Lytro: Like No Camera You’ve Ever Seen Before

Back in June, Silicon Valley startup Lytro announced it was working on a consumer light-field camera, using a technology that captures 3D light. Among the amazing-sounding benefits: It lets you focus blurry pictures or change the depth of focus after you’ve shot them. At the time, the company showed off photos and talked technology, but […]

Steve Jobs and Edwin Land

Over at the New York Times, Christopher Bonanos has a nice piece comparing Steve Jobs to the entrepreneur/technologist he resembles most by far: Polaroid’s Edwin Land. Bonanos says that virtually none of the Jobs obituaries mentioned Land, but I remembered to do so in my piece for TIME–in the third paragraph, in fact. And last […]

Happy Fiftieth Birthday, IBM Selectric

Last month, I had fun paying tribute to Polaroid’s SX-70, an old-technology gadget that’s all the more extraordinary because there was nothing digital about it. The SX-70 came to mind again when I learned that IBM’s Selectric typewriter is marking its fiftieth anniversary. It was a great leap forward beyond every typewriter of the time, […]

It’s Selectric! IBM’s Classic Typewriter Turns Fifty

Do you remember typewriters? Of course you do. But do you remember the last time a typewriter was exciting and futuristic? That would be 1961, when IBM released its first Selectric. It went on sale on July 27th, which makes this Sunday its fiftieth anniversary. (IBM is celebrating its own hundredth birthday this year, making the […]