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Seven Copies of Windows 7 Per Second: Fast! But How Fast?

Microsoft PR honcho Frank Shaw has a fun post up on the official Microsoft blog. It starts with Microsoft’s calculation that seven copies of Windows 7 have been sold every second since the OS was released, then quotes other bits of math relating to the company and its competitors. His point: Microsoft sells stuff and […]

Opting Out of the People-Centric Web

Here’s a good post on how to opt out of Facebook’s new Web-wide features. As it shows, if you try to shut off outside services’ access to your data, Facebook attempts to convince you you’re making a terrible mistake. It reminds me of Microsoft Bob’s impertinence circa 1995. The Web–and tech in general–won’t be truly […]

This Dumb Year: The 52 Lamest Moments in Tech 2011

Americans, as Winston Churchill famously pointed out, can be counted on to do the right thing–after exhausting all other possibilities. It’s the same deal with tech companies. The wonders they bring us are many, varied, and never-ending, but they’ve always been accompanied by an equally rich assortment of misadventures and wrongheaded ideas. The successes and […]

How the iPad 2 Became My Favorite Computer

Can the iPad replace a PC? Ever since Apple announced its tablet nearly two years ago, the Internet has been awash in discussion of this question. Most of it has had a pretty theoretical feel and has gravitated towards conventional wisdom. A piece by Gotta Be Mobile’s Will Shanklin comes to the typical conclusions: Whether […]

Whatever Happened to the iPad Rivals of 2010?

Back in August of 2010, it was clear that Apple’s iPad–which had gone on sale on April 3rd–was a gigantic, game-changing hit. The rest of the industry was scrambling to respond, and there had already been a steady stream of announcements, pre-announcements, sneak peeks, and rumors, along with a few products that had actually shipped. […]

Gone in Sixty Seconds: The Shortest-Lived Tech Products Ever

Companies in Silicon Valley are fond of saying that they like to “fail fast.” They mean that it’s virtuous to try lots of new things, but to give up quickly when something’s not working. But sometimes they fail fast in a manner that’s nothing to brag about. They invest millions (or hundreds of millions) of […]

Polaroid’s SX-70: The Art and Science of the Nearly Impossible

What makes a gadget great? You might argue that it’s determined at least in part by how many lives the product in question touches. Back in 2005, when I helped choose a list of the fifty greatest gadgets of the past fifty years, we ranked the Sony Walkman as #1 and Apple’s iPod as #2. Fabulous […]


Notebooks. Netbooks. Smartphones. Tablets. In 2011, the default state of personal computing is mobile–traditional desktop PCs are still with us, but they’ve become the outliers. It wasn’t always so. In their earliest days, in fact, PCs weren’t primarily deskbound; they were entirely deskbound. The notion that you might be able to carry one wherever your […]

The Technologizer Year in Review

[NOTE: Here’s a story from our most recent Technologizer’s T-Week newsletter–go here to sign up to receive it each Friday. You’ll get original stuff that won’t show up on the site until later, if at all.] It’s been Google’s wont for a number of years to publish a year-end wrap-up reflecting what people searched searched […]

Technologizer's Prize Extravaganza: The Winners

We’ve done our random drawing and found winners for the cool prizes we offered to induce you to tell us about your favorite products of 2010. Here are the folks who’ll be getting goodies.