TechReads for July 3, 2014

The mysterious woman who keeps Twitter safe. (Kashmir Hill/Forbes)

Who knew that Twitter and Dateline NBC had something in common?

Amazon’s Fire Phone is a mobile-shopping experiment. (Michael Mace/Mobile Opportunity)

Mace blogs only sporadically. But when he does, he often has the best take on a subject.

Technologizer TechReadsMicrosoft is doing a fitness band, too. (Paul Thurrott/SuperSite for Windows)

Will it debut before or after the wearable from you-know-who?

Facebook Messenger comes to the iPad (Josh Constine/TechCrunch)

Probably just me, but I prefer my Facebook messaging to be part of the main app, not an “unbundled” experience.

Love books? Root for Amazon. (Mathew Ingram/GigaOm)

The big publishers aren’t lovable underdogs.

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