Starting a New Chapter

By  |  Thursday, March 1, 2012 at 8:23 am

Back on February 9th, I announced that I had a cool new job, as an editor at large for TIME. I’ll be writing about personal technology for the publication in both its online and print incarnations. And Technologizer is coming along with me: Starting later today, it will become part of

When we flip the switch, heading to will take you to the new version that’s part of You’ll also find Technologizer posts, and scads more stuff, at’s all-encompassing tech section, Techland.

The Technologizer Facebook page will continue to link to our new content, and both my own Twitter feed and the Technologizer one will continue unchanged. And all of our existing content, including this post, will remain available in its original form.

As part of, Technologizer will certainly look different–here’s a sample–but I don’t plan to change my approach much. If you’ve liked what I’ve had to say here, I think you’ll like what I have to say there, and I very much hope that you’ll continue to be part of the community.

(When people tell me that tech-blog commenters are nothing but a bunch of trolls, jerks, and assorted other goofballs, I say “Not at Technologizer!” It’s true: You really are a savvy, affable group, and I learn from you every day.)

One other difference between stand-alone Technologizer and Technologizer on is that it’ll be a one-man show. Since Techland is TIME’s multiple-contributor tech hub, I’ll be the only contributor to the new Technologizer.

So now is the right time to thank everyone who’s written for Technologizer up until now. It’s been an honor to publish their work. Just as important, it’s been fun to read it, and to hang out here with such a great gang of bloggers.

Four people in particular have been prolific, long-serving, intrepid Technologizer mainstays. I’m pleased to report that you (and I) will be able to enjoy their work at other sites:

  • Ed Oswald joined me here shortly after Technologizer launched, hit the ground running, and has blogged for us ever since. You’ll find Ed’s new posts over at BetaNews and ExtremeTech.
  • Jared Newman started out writing exclusively about games for Technologizer, and continued to cover them even after I convinced him to bring his smart perspective to the broader world of tech. Like me, Jared writes for, and he also contributes to PCWorld.
  • Benj Edwards’ specialty is the history of computing and technology, and he writes about it better than anyone I know. He continues to wax nostalgic at sites such as PCWorld and, as well as his own home base, Vintage Computing & Gaming.
  • In recent months, David Worthington hasn’t contributed as frequently to Technologizer as he once did, but one of his 2011 posts–“My Mom Reviews the iPad, Her First Computer” was a blockbuster. Dave writes regularly for CBS Interactive’s SmartPlanet.

I’m also grateful to Christian Johnson, who’s silently and conscientiously copy-edited Technologizer posts behind the scenes, eradicating many a typo. The WordPress VIP team at Automattic–especially Lloyd Budd–has been wonderfully patient and supportive. And Federated Media–particularly John Battelle and Neil Chase–played an invaluable role in making Technologizer a reality in the first place.

I consider myself exceptionally lucky to have had the opportunity to start this site from scratch in 2008.  I’m only joining TIME because I’m even more excited about the things I’ll be able to do there. Thanks again for everything, and see you soon.



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