It’s TIME for a New Adventure

By  |  Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 2:10 pm

Three and a half years ago, I quit a cool job and started Technologizer. It’s been the best gig I’ve ever had. So far.

As a sideline, starting in September of 2010, I’ve been writing for and TIME magazine. That too has been huge fun, and an honor. Over the past few decades, TIME has influenced my editorial brain as much as any publication. Just as important, I’ve been impressed by its current incarnation online, in print, on tablets, and elsewhere.

I’m pleased to announce that my relationship with TIME is about to become way more than a sideline: I’ve agreed to join its staff as an editor at large.


So am I ditching Technologizer? Nope, not at all. A big part of my day will be to continue to write for Technologizer, which will morph from its current stand-alone form into a blog on, and part of its Techland tech section. I’ll also work on other projects for TIME’s site and for the magazine, including some ambitious stuff that will be easier to pull off as part of TIME than as an itty-bitty independent site.

Technologizer is by far the most personal product I’ve ever worked on; in theory, the notion of melding it into a very large site owned by a very large media company should be intimidating. But having already worked with TIME’s team for months and written dozens of stories for them, I know that they get what I do. That’s why they want me to do it over at, and to do it under the Technologizer name.

So I plan to just keep on doing my thing for TIME’s jumbo-sized audience–and I might even do more of it and do it better, since I’ll be able to focus my energies on one outlet. (In recent months, I’ve been writing for Technologizer, TIME, CNET, and AllBusiness.)

The new version of Technologizer on will debut soon. I’ll have more to say before the switchover happens, including some words of thanks for Benj Edwards, Jared Newman, Ed Oswald, and the other folks who have joined me as contributors here on stand-alone Technologizer. I’m lucky to have worked with them.

And I’m just as grateful to all of you who have contributed to the Technologizer experiment to date by commenting on our posts, hanging out with me on Twitter, and otherwise being part of the community. I plan to make my new TIME job the best gig I’ve ever had–and I hope that you’ll come along. It wouldn’t be the same without you…



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  1. Jeff Zander Says:

    Way to go, Harry!! I enjoy all of your posts, columns, and appearances on TWiT!

    If I read anything that had pages anymore, I'd say congratulations on turning this one….

  2. davezatz Says:

    Awesome, congrats! (And thanks for the recent link love.)

  3. Barbara Bates Says:

    So happy for you Harry…well deserved. We'll continue to be big followers and big fans of yours. Congrats!

  4. Colin Says:

    Congrats Harry. this is awesome! Keep posting about stuff like radios and CES in 1982. Seriously.

  5. manny domingo Says:

    A BIG CONGRATS HARRY, BIG HUG TOO. YOU DESERVE A BIG BLOW OUT, on me. do not forget the better half.


  6. Bill Pytlovany Says:

    Congrat! That is great news for you and the family. I've been lucky to watch your life expand with fantastic stuff since we first had the pleasure to meet you.

    My first major magazine quote was in Time on April 7th 1986 (p69). Met pitcher Dwight Gooden was on the cover. I predicted companies would never go to a charge-per-minute to be online.

    You staying on the west coast or coming to NYC? Either way congrats again!


  7. Ed Oswald Says:

    Way to go Harry! This has by far been the best professional experience of my career to be with all these fine folks. It's somewhat bittersweet, though. Onward and upward! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Marshall R Goldberg Says:

    Congratulations on a wonderful step in your career! I am looking forward to the new Technologizer and your future writings.

  9. Mighty Mouth Says:

    That's huge, Harry. Seems like a perfect match, too. Enjoy the accolades coming from every corner and expect even more PR pitches from us!

  10. E_H Says:

    Great Harry. Although I still miss your "hand" being on that PC magazine you used to run…

  11. Benj Edwards Says:

    Congrats, Harry. Working with you on this site has been a pleasure and an honor. This seems like the proper evolution of Technologizer to me, so I am happy about the transition even if I lose a venue to write for. I'm sure all of your readership (including me) will be happy to follow you over to Time.

  12. Jason Says:

    Congrats! Look forward to seeing what the power of TIME does for the Technologizer site.

  13. Andrea Smith Says:

    Bravo, Harry! Looking forward to even more fabulous things from you and Technologizer, and now Time!

  14. Jared Newman Says:

    Congrats Harry! It's been an honor working with you here, and a pleasure writing for the site.

  15. Kevin C. Tofel Says:

    Outstanding news, Harry! Thrilled to see it happen. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Raanan Bar-Cohen Says:

    Congrats ! This is great news.

    And glad to see you'll be working with another VIP ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Rod Bauer Says:

    Harry, congratulations. Keep it coming!

  18. Stathis Says:

    Congratulations my friend Harry!

  19. camelofdoom Says:

    Congratulations! Technologizer and Benj's Vintage Computing are the only blogs I read on a regular basis.

  20. Kevin G. Clark Says:

    Fantastic new horizons! Very happy for you and this next big move! Kevin G.

  21. Frank Says:

    Congratulations. I must admit, though, that this is slightly bittersweet. I will miss your contributors, who have brought interesting posts and insights to your blog.

  22. Brian Zisk Says:

    Congratulations Harry. ๐Ÿ™‚ So great that you love what you're doing, and that these two awesome projects of yours can amplify each other.

  23. Gerry Corbett Says:

    Congratulations Harry!!!

  24. Camelia Says:

    Congrats Harry! Can't wait to see what great things you'll get accomplished at Time and already curious about "the ambitious projects"…

  25. deBeaujeu Says:

    No congratulations Harry!
    I just hope you are not completely destroying your career by joining this pro-Marxist anti-constitutional organization. Please read the Federalist Papers, it will probably help.
    I am a reader from the PC World era and I am convinced that your talent should not be on loan to brain challenged Times.

  26. Harry McCracken Says:

    I knew a Marxist or two at PC World; I haven’t met any at TIME yet.

  27. Brenda Christensen Says:

    I've been along for the ride for 20 years – here's to 20 more! CONGRATS!

  28. KeithF Says:

    TIME magazine still exists?

    I hope the money is good, Harry, because I respect Technologizer a lot more than I value TIME magazine. You’re giving up sovereignty for some sort of “legitimacy” from the 80’s, it seems.

    I hope when TIME is bankrupt, you’ll still have the right to go back to doing this blog independently. Good luck!

  29. Harry McCracken Says:

    TIME still exists, has millions of readers in print and online, and is doing fine financially. I’m working with them mostly because I like what they do, and they like what I do, and I’ve had an excellent working relationship with them for almost a year and a half, during which they’ve never messed around with my stuff.

    My goal isn’t to make Technologizer more like TIME; it’s to make TIME–or at least my little piece of TIME–more like Technologizer.

    But if it makes you feel better: I haven’t sold Technologizer, and can take it with me if I part ways with TIME.

  30. KeithF Says:

    Glad to hear it and im glad youre excited about the future with TIME. I like your style and thought processes a lot and I’ll read your stuff whatever the URL says. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Jim Says:

    Sell out.