Here We Go Again: $99 HP TouchPads Hit eBay Sunday

By  |  Thursday, December 8, 2011 at 2:13 pm

Miffed you didn’t get in on the last TouchPad fire sale? Fear not, Technologizer reader: HP will sell off some refurbished 16 and 32GB models on its eBay store beginning at 6:00pm Central Time Sunday, December 11. Originally this was supposed to be an employee sale at first, with a public announcement scheduled at 6:30. Leave it to TechCrunch to mess up HP’s plans.
For only $79 more, HP will send you an accessory bundle that includes a case, charging dock, and wireless keyboard. It is unknown how many units will be made available, but if the past is any indication you better have your fingers at the ready to get in on this.
Keeping out the profiteers, eBay will require a PayPal account and will limit sales to two per eBay ID. If you’re trying to make a quick buck on the popularity of these things, remember that first off they’re not new, and you better create quite a few user IDs in order to make it worthwhile. There’s also one more caveat: instead of the standard one year warranty, you will only have a 90-day guarantee on these bad boys.
I have a few friends that participated in the initial frenzy. As for me? No thanks — my iPad 2 is doing fine — and with HP still undecided on the fate of WebOS I’m not going to spend my money on a potential brick. Did that once already, and that’s why my HD DVD player is sitting in my entertainment center gathering dust.

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  1. Dave Says:

    That's why you put Android on it.

  2. craig kensek Says:

    You can put it next to your HP wrist watch and one of their touchscreen desktops from the 80's.

  3. Sadfrog Says:

    But you can put Android on it.

  4. Laurence Says:

    WebOS, with it's open / hackable nature, is still going to be useful 5 years from now, while your beloved iPad 2 will only have a life span of ~3yrs

  5. Peter Says:

    will they allow sales outside US?